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Guest writer Bird Lovegod,


Small businesses face enough challenges in trading competitively. Raising investment, hiring, firing, hiring again, working out what Brexit means to them, and trying to get their heads around GDPR. Life ain’t pretty sometimes and business can be a hard struggle, winning customers and contracts the glorious prize. Or so they think. The real prize is actually getting paid, and 50,000 small UK businesses a year go under when they unexpectedly don’t. It’s been a tough time so far in what some call the retail apocalypse, with chains dropping stores like men of the Nights Watch. In winter. (Like Flies)  And these things tend to go domino, one large Carillion of a company topples and knocks down dozens of smaller ones in the supply line. It’s a problem hard to mitigate against. Does a small to medium enterprise accept a contract, knowing it’s a life or near death risk should they be defaulted on, or do they play safe, and wither as their competitors take the lions share? Business is about taking risks, preferably not gambles. Which leads rather nicely towards a Nimbla way of doing things.


Spoiler alert, the best bit is Nimbla insure individual invoices against default. So Mr or Mrs SME can know one way or another they’re getting paid, even if Bad Debts R Us. The cool thing is the rather seamless way this is done. The Nimbla app synchs with the cloud accounting software, be that Xero, Sage, or any of the others. This gives the user the ability to choose which individual invoices to insure. It’s actually cleverer than that, I watched the team demonstrate at Barclays Techstars demo day in front of a room of investors and it came over as pretty close to no brain perfect. The room certainly appreciated it. The app also collects data and generates insights on payment patterns from companies, all the better to insure you with, so one could anticipate it becoming cleverer as more and more users adopt it. And as the point of the whole enterprise is to reduce some of the £5.8B of bad debt write off by SMEs each year, the better they can understand the risk of shipping an order or providing a service on credit, on a case by case basis, the less of a gamble life will be for them. A rather good thing for everyone.


This article is one of 40 commissioned by P2P lender RebuildingSociety exploring innovative businesses with a positive social and commercial impact. Written by Bird Lovegod. Artist, journalist and humanitarian interventionist.

It is a huge honour to be one of the Growth-Stage Speakers at Insurtech Insights Tuesday the 19th of June! If you haven’t got your ticket yet Nimbla are giving out a 50% off discount code with ‘AniaKubow’. (case sensitive). 


With over 240+ high profile speakers I am looking forward to the action packed 2 day Agenda. Thanks to Frederik Stellô Stelsø Lauridsen and the team for such a fantastic networking opportunity – so excited for next week!


Nimbla will be amongst many other amazing start-up founders such as Tobias Taupitz from Laka , James Neville of Citizen, Ed Axon of  Trōv , and many more. For those of you asking for tickets, you can still get them here





Another year another Accountex!


This year we were showcasing our single invoice insurance platform live at the Excel Centre London, for the annual Accountex trade show.  It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces and meet some new ones at the same time. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is the place to discover the latest in financial technologies and this year did not disappoint. Have a look at what the team got up to via our twitter here.


We were right opposite the amazing dancing #Tesla at stand 691 and had so many great conversations regarding single invoice insurance. Many of you stated the immediate need for the product based on incidents seen in the past. We were happy to showcase our product and how it is built to mitigate risk for small business owners, by showing real-time credit data on companies they are dealing with, and the option to insure any outstanding invoices with them.  As the platform is currently free to use, we do hope you all give it a go and let us know what you think.


If we didn’t catch you at Accountex, but you would still like to have a go for free, make sure to check out our app here by clicking join.


All feedback welcome to





This week’s SME was found through intensive research into alternatives to our everyday condiments

It’s so easy to reach for familiar brands in supermarkets, but what if there was a tasty, beetroot-based alternative, available not only in an original flavour, but also in ‘smoky’ and ‘hot’ varieties?

The minds behind The Foraging Fox, Frankie and Desiree, were inspired by a love of home-cooking, being crafty with preserving leftovers and a strong sense of family.

Worried about the beetroot element? Well, actually it’s creators believe it goes with everything you’d use a standard condiment for! And the press and public agree.

And what comes from such a natural and intuitive approach to condiments? A product free from allergens, artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners!

Be sure to visit to check out their inspiring recipe ideas and find your nearest Foraging Fox supplier.

Food is essential. We will never stop needing it, and no matter how hard the push is for alternatives we’d much rather enjoy a pizza than endure a nutritionally complete beverage substitute!


a piece of mind


Here at Nimbla, we know as a food supplier, you’re passionate about what you do. You’re all about staying ahead of the curve, building good relationships with clients and offering competitive rates. Food is your passion, and there will always be demand, marketability, innovation and supply surrounding your industry. But with all this potential there comes significant risk.


In the light of Carillion, Maplin and even recently Bargain Booze all going under, as small business, having insight into your customers that you are supplying can be life changing. But how?


That’s where Nimbla comes in. Nimbla loves small businesses and believes they should be treated with the same respect and protection as bigger ones so they might grow and thrive amongst them.


We firmly believe that just because you’re small and/or new, doesn’t mean you should be taking unneeded risks.


We lay out your invoices plainly, with live insight into the trends and risks of each client, whether that be on mobile or computer.


How reliable are your suppliers? Check in seconds to see how quickly you’re paid in comparison to your peers.


Enjoy complete transparency. Nothing hidden. Nothing to worry about. Pay only for what you want to protect.


Nimbla understands that your relationships with your suppliers vary, and that not all of your commitments are risks. Our easy to use selection tool means you can protect as and when you see fit- saving you money!


If you’re interested in seeing how Nimbla can work for your wholesale food business, please contact us at:

Did you know more than 70% of our emotions are determined by the sense of smell?


I definitely didn’t either until stumbling across Lit Candle Lab. Olfaction is the most powerful sense of our five, as the human nose has roughly 400 types of scent receptors that can detect at least 1 trillion different odors. Given these receptors are closely linked to the region that holds memories and emotions, this explains why the mouthwatering aroma of roasted chestnuts smell like Christmas with family, or a whiff of a cologne rushes a wave of nostalgia from an old ex. Essentially smell is like a time machine.


Most candles on the market are made of paraffin wax, which not only emits carcinogenic chemicals, but also explains why you see recs to burn them in open-air environments. Not ideal. On the other hand, soy wax – the main ingredient of Lit Lab candles, is non-toxic, a safer and healthier alternative for humans, pets, and the environment. Thus, rest assured when you use a soy candle, you will find a a slow, even, and most importantly, clean burn— leaving both a green footprint and a delectable scent.


The most amazing part about this young company (apart from its awesome environmentally friendly message) , is that you can even create your own bespoke candles using a huge selection of all natural ingredients. And I do mean, HUGE!


Make sure to have a gander right here.


This weeks winner of our #SMEofTheWeek is natural energy drink ELEVEN.


Brainchild of Creative Director Rory Knighton, Eleven’s name is just as clever as the drink itself.  The name is inspired by a line in the 1984 film, Spinal Tap.  When guitarist Nigel Tufnel shows off his amps to Marty Di Bergi (Rob Reiner), he shows him the loudest one of them all — all its knobs go to 11, which as we discover is “one louder” than 10. When Di Bergi asks, “Why don’t you just make 10 louder and make 10 be the top number?” Nigel quickly disregards that line of inquiry by simply and confidently saying “These go to 11.”


We love the idea of questioning limits, and the name is so apt for the performance amplifying energy drink.


Rory is determined to make a difference in the food space through education and the demystification of food ingredients. In particular the current trend of pseudo “healthy’ sugars creeping into everyday foods.


Make sure to check out the brand right here.


The Team here at Nimbla were over the moon when we were named finalists at the British Credit Awards 2018 back in December.  We were up for ‘Best use of Credit Technology’, along side greats such as Accenture , UCAS, Iwoca and  Aggregate Industries (to name just a few!).  The award focuses on streamlining business and administrative processes with the use of cutting edge technology and ideas. The judges were looking for innovation that showed greater efficiency, enhanced quality and lower error rates. Up against 9 other finalists for the title, we knew competition would be fierce, but Awards night would be fun!


Best use of Credit Technology 2018

  • Ascent Performance Group
  • Acenture GCP Ireland
  • Aggregate Industries UK
  • Credit Assist
  • Court Enforcement Services
  • Impellam Group
  • Iwoca
  • Loomis
  • Nimbla
  • UCAS



CICM Awards Night


The team arrive at the beautiful venue, The Royal Lancaster Hotel, London for reception drinks and wow what a site. The black tie event boasted of impeccably dressed men and women and a breath taking set up. A photographer greeted guests with their own mini-photoshoot by the sponsor board, followed by your choice of welcome drink and a sneak peek at the Auction Prizes, all in the name of Macmillan Cancer Research. My personal favourite was a signed sketch by the controversial artist, Tracey Emin. However the prizes varied wildly from signed Simpsons stills by illustrator Matt Groening, to an old relic by Charlie Chaplin!




Of course, there was STASH! Who doesn’t love a bit of stuff. We were pleasantly greeted with some lovely gifts, courtesy of the headline sponsor, American Express amongst others.


The wine started flowing, and the evening was off to a great start.


We had a look at the other contestants for the various awards and quickly noticed that we were amongst friends, with Graydon UK up for ‘Credit Information Provider of the Year’, as well as Credit & Business Finance up for ‘Credit Insurance Specialist of the Year’.  The guys at CBF are trade risk specialists and British Credit Awards last year winners. It was  not their first time at the rodeo, unlike us at Nimbla.  I must say we were fully in awe of the grandness of the awards and all the effort gone into the entertainment for the night. When it wasn’t the band singing, we had the delight of John Culshaw doing some GREAT impersonations of Donald Trump. Everyone was in stitches.

(Table setting at the CICM Awards 2018)




(The band performing ‘Help me Rhonda’ by the beach Boys)



By the time the mains of Guinea Foul came out everyone was in full swing, dancing and singing along to the many various songs played by the live band.  The event ran so smoothly it felt seamless, with song followed by speech, followed by prize collection flowing into one. With over 9 awards to be given out it was really quite a feat! Well done to Incisive Media for all their efforts.


Whilst we did not walk away with the award for our category, we fully support Court Enforcement Services for the win! Court Enforcement Services provides fast resolution of High Court Enforcement, County Court Judgments  over £600 and Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery. Congratulations to them again for an epic 2018 win!

We also would like to congratulate Credit & Business Finance for winning their ‘Credit Insurance Specialist Award’ TWO YEARS IN A ROW!!!  Such a massive achievement!


Overall the event was amazing, and despite not winning we had a blast! Hey, there’s always next year right?


(Nimbla Team: From left, Richard Smith, Flemming Bengtsen, Ania Kubow)

(Nimbla Team: From left, Richard Smith, Flemming Bengtsen, Ania Kubow)


Many thanks,


Ania Kubow

This beautifully packaged delight is from a company called Kiddylicious, with their range of quality meals for kids called Little Bistro.  The range has been so successful, it can now be found in all major UK supermarkets and operates in over 18 countries. Who knew Children were so high brow about their meals!


The name ‘Little Bistro’ is a playful nod to contemporary adult dining and top notch cuisine. It’s all about a grounding in fantastic, quality food and the first steps to an appreciation of great taste. The branding itself gives new parents the comfort that they are making the very best choice.


The packaging is the first in the market to be transparent – nothing to hide in the ingredients. It’s so great to see a brand so honest, open and proud of their food. As a parent buying this for their kids, it is so important that you feel comfortable knowing exactly what you are buying. After all, the meal is intended for them, and not you.


The range tone is food loving, casual and re-assuring – an enthusiastic friend chatting rather than someone preaching.


I would love to say that I have tried the product itself, but I am yet to find myself a toddler to call my own.







The scale of the Carillion default is starting to emerge. Estimated at between £750m to £1.5bn Carillion’s debt default will have a significant knock-on effect. Only £31m is expected to be paid in claims the insured would have had to cover at least 10% of the debt value meaning around £35m that was covered. It was widely reported that insurers had been pulling cover in the weeks leading up to the insolvency announcement. Underwriters are not in the habit of taking on unwelcome risk and had doubtless been scaling back risk for some time. However given it was a matter of days, weeks at best, that the firm was declared insolvent after limits were pulled that would not give much time to reduce exposure.


At best 5% of the outstanding debt was protected. This seems pitifully small and that protection was doubtless largely held by the bigger corporates. Yet again it will be SMEs who bear the brunt of the cost. The banks are offering support packages and rightly so but ultimately it will need to be paid for. It is about time that SMEs have access to the same credit protection tools as the banks and larger corporates.


Now we are seeing more red flags elsewhere with Laing O’Rourke filing accounts late (never a good sign). The warnings are not restricted to construction either, problems at Capita are being reported and many of the large retailers are showing signs of strain. Maplins, Harvey Nichols, New Look and Poundland these are household names and spread across the sector from high-end to budget retailers.


In 2017 around 24k companies went into liquidation owing a reported £3.3bn, yet many trade creditors do not even attempt to claim as they are painfully aware how little they will recover. The options for smaller businesses are usually limited to self-insure (set cash aside for write-offs) or purchase expensive policies that only really make sense for larger businesses. Insuring against the sudden shocks or large debtor concentrations and taking action when conditions change is the only way smaller businesses can truly protect themselves.